ALCON 2018 Exhibitors

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Kitt Peak Visitor Center – ALCON SILVER SPONSOR

Kitt Peak Visitor Center offers guests a deeper understanding what Kitt Peak is all about with daytime tours. Both daily tours and VIP tours are available to bring you up-to-date on the latest news at the observatory. The tours go inside the domes housing some of our biggest telescopes used by astronomers every clear night for scientific research.
For those who want a deeper look into the beautiful nighttime skies above, you may choose from a number of evening programs. They range from beginner programs for those who have never experienced being under the rich dark skies above, to programs for those who wish to be involved in overnight programs and the world of astrophotography, and everything in between.

Psalm 19 Astronomy

Psalm 19 Astronomy is an educational sidewalk outreach that promotes the science of astronomy and the Christian faith. Our mission is to share the beauty and majesty of God’s universe through astronomy. We seek to demonstrate that there is harmony between God’s world, the universe, and God’s word, the Bible. We have developed a series of astronomy cards that we hand out to passersby who stop to look into our telescopes to educate them on the science of astronomy.

NASA Night Sky Network

Free handouts, demos, and activities from NASA’s astronomy outreach program for amateur astronomy clubs.

Explora Dome

PolyDome is offering a whole new breed of observatory dome. . . the Explora-Dome! Unlike our competitors in the market today, the Explora-Dome is a truly affordable, virtually indestructible, maintenance free observatory dome. Now you can afford to sit inside a true observatory sheltered from the winds and annoying neighbor’s porch lights. No more need to haul your equipment out, set it up, and then when you are finished, break it down and haul it back inside.